Sino United Worldwide Consolidated Ltd

The company formerly known as AJ Greentech Holding was established in 2009 and was subsequently established on the OTC Market (stock code: AJGH) in the United States in November 2013.

It was renamed as Sino United Worldwide Consolidated Ltd. in 2017 (stock code: SUIC).

Our headquarters is located in New York, USA, while our asian operating center is located in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Our Company’s Main Business is in Blockchain, Namely in 4 Sectors:

The Major Advantages of Blockchain:

  • Blockchain allows transactions to be validated without using a centralized database.

  • Blockchain can reduce the friction in international trade.

  • Blockchain can expand the distribution of trade benefits and encourage higher economic growth.

  • Blockchain can be used to further applications in military and politics.

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