SUIC Worldwide Holdings Ltd.

SUIC Worldwide Holdings Company provides research and development, venture financing for and investing in private enterprises and the public sector that develop products and services adopting core capabilities of the IoT,  Big Data, AI, Fintech and  Blockchain to enhance and streamline existing processes, and establish new and exciting business models that will create revolutionary products and services. 

Beneway Holding Group

Beneway Holdings in business ventures on the following :


1. AI & Fintech platform:  Through its AI & Fintech platform and financial products, Beneway Holdings Group connects global borrowers and lenders.

2. Food Industry Supply Chain Integration: One-stop operation and mergers & acquisitions for vertical integration of the supply chain.

3. Global Franchise Expansion: With multiple well known  franchise brands Beneway is expanding into US 50 states with successful complex business model.

4. Supply Chain Integration of other industries: Several other industries for future expansion: medical and healthcare, environmental protections, and energy related production.

SUIC/Beneway Fund/Supply Chain Finance

1. Supply Chain Vertical Integration

2. Bulk Goods, Commodity Import & Export

3. SUIC Beneway Financial Products

4. Integrating Lender Pools

United Wellness is one of the most innovative and promising leaders of comprehensive healthcare services with a focus on serving the Asian community. We are designing a new and improved healthcare experience with better convenience, outcomes and value for both patients and providers. We provide virtual and in-person access to high-quality care and expertise, with a portfolio of services and solutions covering specialties such as mental health, general wellness and prevention, and primary care. Our mission is to provide medical services and promote health literacy for Asian individuals while addressing the cultural barriers that limit access to effective and affordable healthcare.

Our integrated technology platform supports efficient and effective access to information from a variety of healthcare network participants. The user-friendly interface is designed to empower clients to maintain remote access to healthcare regardless of time and location.The United Wellness technology platform automatically manages custom visit queues and instantly routes requested visits to the appropriate providers based on proprietary algorithms. Healthcare providers use our Internet based application or iOS app for viewing their visit queue, scheduling visits and following the United Wellness workflow for reviewing clients’ medical history and symptoms. If appropriate, providers will send applicable documentation, medical content. To lean more, please visit ww.unitedwellnessco.com 

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