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Sino United Signed a Share Exchange Agreement

to Acquire 20% of iDrink Technology Co. Ltd.

Sino United Worldwide

The Sino United Worldwide Consolidated Company provides blockchain services to five sectors including: “Logistics & Trade”, “Vehicle & Transportation”, “Finance & Coin”, and “Medical & Healthcare”, and a new addition, “Fintech.” The addition of the Fintech sector to SUIC’s blockchain services includes a comprehensive update in which SUIC will build up it’s own internal capabilities by actively starting a Blockchain training program, developing a 3rd generation Smart Contract Blockchain under the SUIC brand, and using these capabilities to offer a comprehensive ICO consultancy.

As blockchain and IoT converge, the push to commercialize applications leveraging both technologies grows. The latest industry to embrace this confluence is the transportation and logistics industry. In late August, the Blockchain in Trucking Alliance (BITA) launched with 150 or so member organizations — including transportation management companies, brokers, carriers, shippers and technology vendors. BITA’s stated goal is to create standards and educate industry stakeholders about the promise of blockchain. And at last week’s Connected Fleets USA event in Atlanta, BITA co-founder Craig Fuller, CEO for TransRisk, stressed that the combination of IoT and blockchain in logistics and transportation will be a formidable one.

The prospect of Vehicle and Transportation application of blockchain technology In addition to more and more applications in civilian areas such as online shopping, asset certification and charitable donations, blockchain technology also has broad application prospects in the vehicle and transportation field. For example, there are potential applications in intelligence personnel for work performance incentives, safety monitor and vehicle accessories life-long tracking, driver safety management, vehicle supplies procurement, transportation logistics and so on.

Bitcoin underlying blockchain technology is actually a safe and efficient multi-party information exchange. It creates a tamper-proof digital book of transactions, maintained by a distributed computer network.The technology’s shared potential, non-tamperable architecture and high degree of transparency make it the best tool to revolutionize supply chain management.Logistics is defined as the planning framework for materials, services and information flows. Logistics of physical goods usually includes a convergence of information flow, transport, storage and safety.Logistics chains often span multiple steps and hundreds of locations. Understandably, this makes event tracking across the supply chain more difficult, verifying the verification of the shipped goods more difficult and challenging the speed of unexpected response.Moreover, due to the lack of transparency, it is difficult to investigate unlawful activities in the supply chain.

Blockchain Healthcare Applications and Infrastructure. By managing data through smart contracts and a unified network, Gem Health has created a transparent inter-institutional network where healthcare companies and partner organizations can share sensitive information such as medical data and certifications in a protected ecosystem.

Traditional cloud architectures are used to manage and share complex forms of data, but they are expensive and inefficient for information-dependent industries such as the health care market. Because of the volume of data, medical records and claims are exchanged daily by medical institutions and financial business providers

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